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White Hat Special

White Hat Special

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Store Contents:

1 - Accessories-Radio-Heater: Engine Block Heaters, Carpet Protectors, Heater Hose Support Brackets, Ignition Coil Radio Suppressor, Etc.
2 - Suspension-Front: Front Suspension Rebuild Packages & Kits, Upper & Lower Ball Joints, Control Arm Bumpers, Bushings, Strut Rod Hardware Packages, Pkgs., Kits, Sleeves.
3 - Rear Axle & Differential: 8-3/4", 9-3/4", Dana Axle & Pinion Seals, Spacer, Adjuster Lock Clip Pkgs., Housing Breathers.
4 - Brakes-Parking: Parking Brake Cable Hardware Pkgs., Connectors, Rods, Locknuts & Handles.
5 - Brakes-Service: Disc Brake Caliper Positioners, Pins, Pads, Rotors, Hose Washers, Master Cylinders A-, B-, C-, E-Body, Mounting Plate & Nut Pkgs., Drum Brake Hardware Pkgs. 10", 11", Return Springs.
6 - Clutch & Linkage: Clutch Fork & Firewall Boots, 'Z' Bar Service Pkgs., Linkage Hardware Pkgs., Frame & Reinforcement Brackets, Pressure Plate Mounting Bolt Pkgs.
7 - Cooling & Radiator: Crank Pulley, Fan Clutch, Fan Shroud, Bracket, Nut & Bolt Pkgs., Heater Hose Nipples, Radiator Caps, Fan Spacer Bolt Pkgs., Petcocks, Bypass Hoses, Water Pumps.
8 - Electrical-Switches-Relays: Alternator Mounting Brackets & Hardware Pkgs., Wire Clips, Ballast Resistors, Positive & Negative Battery Cables, Hold Down Pkgs., Solenoid Wiring, Coil Brackets, Distributors, Caps, Electronic Ignition Conversion Pkgs., Adapters, Clamp Pkgs., Date Coded Distributor Tags, Control Units & ECU's, Engine Ground Straps, Firewall Wire Harness Clamp Pkgs., Dimmer Switches, Headlamp Hardware Pkgs., Ignition Wire Bracket Pkgs., Big Block, Small Block, Separator Brackets & Spark Plug Heat Shields, License Plate Lamp Lens, Oil Pressure Sender Units, Side Marker Bezel Retainer Pkgs., Starter Mounting Pkgs. & Relays, Shims, Seals, Voltage Regulator Mounting Brackets.
9 - Engine: Crankshaft, Intake Manifold, Exhaust Manifold, Torque Converter, Valve Cover, Water Pump, Flywheel, Timing Cover, Thermostat Housing, Motor Mount Bracket & Bolt Pkgs., Engine Fastener Pkgs., Intake Manifold Silencer Pkgs., Nuts & Washers.
10 - Engine Oiling & PCV: PCV Valves, Grommet Pkgs., Valve Cover Breather, Oil Pan Drain Plugs, Washers, Oil Pump & Pan Bolt Pkgs., Oil Filter Adapter Pkgs.
11 - Exhaust: Exhaust Manifold Flanges, Bolt Pkgs.
12 - Fenders: Front Fender Support Brace Pkg.
13 - Frame-Bumpers-Jack: Front Leaf Spring Hanger Pkgs., Frame Reinforcement Plates, Jack Hold Down Springs.
14 - Fuel-Carburetor-Choke: Air Filter Elements, Carburetor Air Cleaner Mounting Studs, Flange Bolt Pkgs., Mixture Screws, Linkage Studs, Lock Clips, Locknuts, Washers, Bolts & Brackets, Throttle Return Springs, Mounting Brackets, Chokes, Cups & Gaskets, Keystone Fuel Line Clamps & Pkgs., Fuel Pump Bolts & Pushrods, Fuel Tank Strap Stud Pkgs., Thermoquad Spacer Plates & Gaskets, Throttle Cable Brackets & Bolts, Transmission Kickdown Springs.
15 - Hood: Hood Scoop Nameplate & Attachment Nut Pkgs.
16 - Prop Shaft-U-Joint-Diff Yoke: Axle U-Joint Strap Pkgs., 8-3/4", 9-3/4", Dana, Pinion Yoke Nut, U-Joint Pkg., 7260, 7290, 1330, 1350, Conversion, Repair Sleeve Pkg.
17 - Springs-Shocks-Sway Bars: Axle Housing U-Bolt Pkgs., Front Leaf Spring Bolts & Bushings, Front, Rear, Upper, Lower Shock Absorber Mounting Pkgs., Leaf Spring Rebuild Pkgs., Shackles & Bushings, Sway Bar & Link Pkgs.
18 - Standard Hardware: Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners, Conical Washers.
19 - Steering-Idler & Pitman Arms: Idler & Pitman Arms, Power Steering Gearbox Date Code Tags, Pump Mounting Bracket Pkgs., Steering Column Coupler Rebuild Pkg., Linkage Nut Pkg., Tie Rod End Pkg., Sleeves 9/16", 11/16".
20 - Tools & Miscellaneous: Distributor Wrench Tool, Small Block, Big Block. Thermoquad Air Valve Tool, Oil Pressure Sender Socket.
21 - Transmission-Manual & Auto: Shift Linkage Support Brackets, Transmission Crossmember Bolts, Mounts, Spacers & Oil Pan Bolt Pkgs.
22 - Wheels-Tires-Rims-Drums: 11" Front Brake Drum Damper Spring Pkg., Axle Stud Lock Pkgs., Front Spindle Hardware & Grease Cap Pkg.
23 - Body-Trim-Wiper-Washer: Pinion Snubber Reinforcement Plate, Seat Latch Striker, Bumper, Attachment Nut Pkg., Windshield Wiper Nozzle Pkg., Wiper Motor Date Coded Tag.
24 - Air Conditioning: A/C Water Valve Mounting Bracket.
25 - Emissions: Charcoal Canister Air Filter
26 - Hi Performance-Street & Race: Coupler Adapter Fittings, Distributor Shaft Thrust Spacers, Electronic Voltage Regulators, Race Lower Control Arm Bumper Pkg., Battery Disconnect Switch, Start & Stop Button, Toggle Switches, Radiator Hose Couplers, Vibration Mount Pkg., Vac-U-Pan Breathers.
27 - Literature-Graphics-Decals: Decals, Buttons, Forms, Bumper Stickers, Tags.
28 - BRE Signature Apparel Etc.: Unique Original Mopar-Themed T-Shirts.
29 - Restored Original Mopar Parts: Expertly Refinished Used Mopar Parts
30 - Dodge Truck Parts: Dodge Truck Parts Coming Soon!
31 - N.O.S. Mopar Parts: Date-Coded Starter Relays, Temperature Senders, Distributor Caps & More!
32 - Mopar Cars For Sale: Check Out Our Pre-Owned Musclecar Lineup!
33 - Used Mopar Parts: Good Used Parts Available Soon!
34 - Featured Items: Special Focus Items!


Are you running one of these engines in your Mopar? We likely have something for you!

426 HEMI, 440+6, 440, 426 WEDGE, 413, 400, 392 HEMI, 383, 361, 360, 350, 340, 318, 273, 225, 198, 170.


B.R.E. offers a variety of items to owners of the following Mopar body styles: A-BODY 62-76, B-BODY 62-74, C-BODY 55-74, E-BODY 70-74, F-BODY 76-80.


If your ride is listed here, our site offers plenty of cool stuff!

AAR, Aspen, Barracuda, Belvedere, Challenger, Charger, Coronet, Cuda, Dart, Dart Sport, Daytona, Demon, Duster, Fury, GTX, Polara, Road Runner, R/T, Satellite, Savoy, Super Bee, Superbird, T/A, Valiant, Volare.


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